Tour Rides
A Ride from Lost Kingdom, Halloween World, Wonder Land
Type Blimp
Cost $3000
Notes Cost 1 Golden Tickets

Tour rides refer to three theme park world rides which act as a flying monorail, flying around the park worlds to give the visitors a quick tour. The ride costs £3000 but can only be bought for the park once the player has got a Golden Ticket. The carriage that flies around the park is designed to look different to match the parks theme. This ride seems like an advanced version of Theme park's Monorail ride.


  • Lost Kingdom: Pterodactyl themed monorail
  • Halloween World: Candy themed monorail
  • Wonderland: Blue Canary themed monorail

The rides exist in three of the four parks but have slightly different names in each. In the Lost Kingdom it is known as "Jurassic Tours", in Halloween World its known as "Flightmare Tours" and in Wonderland its known as "Tweety Tours".

Gallery Edit


Space Zone has a similar ride, called "Cosmic Cruiser", which functions in the same way as the tour rides.

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