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For advisor from Theme Park and other games, see The Advisor.

The advisor (Buzzy) is an in game help and warning system with the game Theme Park World, who takes on the shape of a talking exclamation point character. Depending on the announcement/ warning the advisor wears different outfits such as a builders hat when talking about broken rides or a guard hat when talking about trouble makers in the game.

Unlike his predecessor from Theme Park, he is able to talk and move around the screen, often popping on and off of the screen to make announcements. Aside from announcement,He welcomes the player to a new world to the new park world and sets them Challenges and awards Golden Tickets if targets are met.

In the PC and PS2 versions of Theme Park World, he'll just exit and appear on the bottom right part of the screen, but in the PS1 version, he'll spin in and out of the bottom right corner.

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Oringinally if you clicked the Advisior, he would get peeved, and if you clicked him enough times, he would scream and he'll tell you that if you wanted him back, you'll have to go back to the options screen and turn him on, before leaving and turning himself off. (

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