Theme Hospital cheats

Theme Hospital cheats is a page for all the Cheats/ glitches that can be performed in Bullfrog's video Game Theme Hospital. This page has cheats for all of the different platforms that the game has been released on.

Cheats Edit

PC Edit

To activate the cheats option you'll need to wait until you go onto the fax screen. Once on the this screen, type "24328" using the buttons on the fax machine and then press the green button.

Back in the game, the following commands will now work:

  • Shift + C = Increase bank balance by $10,000 (with every press)
  • Ctrl + shift + C = Gain all rooms and equipment.
  • Ctrl + M = Skip to the end of the current month.
  • Ctrl + Y = Skip to the end of the year.

Tricks/Tips Edit

  • You can get rid of rubbish or sick easily by placing a item on top of it. Also work for Rat holes in the wall.
  • You can kill rats by clicking on them when you see them. If you kill enough you get sent to a special rat killing level after you finish the level you're on.
  • You can get more time to build your hospital at the start by slowing down the game.
  • The cash offered for you to move to the next hospital level increase if you refuse to go.
  • Place fire extinguisher next to machines to decrease the amount of times they break.

External Links Edit

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