Staff rooms are a type of rooms which exist within several Bullfrog games including Theme Hospital, Theme Park and Theme Park World. Like the name suggests it is a room in the park or hospital where the staff are able to gather and take a brake whilst they are on shift. The appearance and level of interaction with the staff in the staff room is different between games.

Theme Hospital Edit

In Theme Hospital, like all the other Hospital room, you build the staff room from scratch, the player decides the location, size and what equipment will be in the staff room. The Staff rooms in the game are filled with Sofas but additional items such as Plants, Fire extinguisher. radiators, Pool tables and TVs can be added.

Through the games option the player can decide whether to let staff leave room willingly meaning that once placed in a treatment room or office that staff member has to stay there until they are called away or grow sleepy enough to go to the staff room. Unlike the Staff rooms in games like Theme Park, the player is actual able to see a bird eye view of the room and watch the staff inside.

Theme Park World Edit

Park world staffroom

The staff rooms in Theme Park World are small huts that are placed around your park. As the park grows it's a good idea to buy more and but them in different areas of your park so the staff don't have to walk so far. Unlike in Theme Hospital, the player isn't able to see the staff inside but can pull up a list of names that is sorted by type of staff.

The staff rooms appear on the features items list and are one of the items the player can buy for each park.

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