Splish Splash
A Ride from Lost Kingdom
Splish Splash
Type Lazy River
Cost $5000
Notes Researchable

Splish Splash is a Theme Park World Ride which exists for the player to build within the Lost Kingdom park world. Like other rides it becomes available to buy once the Scientist from the Research lab have done their job.

Description Edit

It is a Water Track where Visitors sit in a Inner Tube while going in the water's flow. The Ride can be as long or as short as you wish. A Path goes in the direction of the track, a bridge in the Water Track will be created letting visitors go under the path.

As with all the rides, this ride can be researched by scientists to research upgrades. This ride can be upgraded 4 times. 3 for the ride, and the other one for a Fountain that Visitors go through, getting soaked.

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