Space Zone
Theme park world Space Zone
Type Fantasy/Space
Entry 5 Golden Keys
Worlds: Lost Kingdom
Halloween World
Space Zone
The Advisor:: "[squeaks] Across the limitless sensation of the universe, from the far corners of the galaxy, we bring you... Space Zone![screeches]"
The Advisor:: "Enter an alien world of techlogical marvels... to build the Theme Park of... the future.[echoes the word "future"]"
The Advisor

Space Zone is the fourth and final park world in the bullfrog game, Theme Park World which can only be entered and played once the player has achieved a total of four Golden Keys by earning Golden Tickets in the three other parks.

Rides Edit

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  • Cosmic Bounce
  • Crater Creature
  • Escape Velocity
  • Hover Bot Havoc
  • Missile Madness
  • Rock 'n Roll
  • Space Balls
  • The Blobulator
  • The Gravatron
  • Zero G

Shops Edit

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