Rubber tubing
A Ride from Theme Park
Theme park Rubber tubin
Excitement Excellent
Reliability Quite good
Capacity 25
Cost 5250
Previous Tree House
Next Merry-Go-Around

Rubber tubing is a Theme Park Ride which appears fifth on the full list of rides in the game. This ride is a ride that the player can have fun with as you are able to design the track of the ride to be as long, curved and as exiting as you wish.

Make sure to make the ride a reasonable length though as if its past a certain length it will win your park awards! Pavement can go over rubber tubing creating a bridge over the track.

In game description Edit

The Rubber tubing ride will hose 'em down with excitement they'll come thick and fast on the rubber tubing.

Joke Edit

Due to the fact that the objects that the riders ride in is generated by the entrance this means that both this ride and the Race Car Ride ride can be messed with.

If the player puts the wrong entrance on a track then all the riders of that ride then use the entrances carriages instead of the one suited for the track. Eg. the riders go on the rubber tubing in race cars and the race car track in dingies. This often causes riders to fall off the ride track at corners.

Gallery Edit

Rubber tube track
Normal Track rubber tubing
Rubber tube track car
Cars on the tube!