Plane Flyer
A Ride from Theme Park
Theme park Plane Flyer
Excitement Quite Good
Reliability Very Good
Capacity 4
Cost 27,750
Previous Race Car Ride
Next Cowboy Act

Plane Flyer is a Theme Park Ride which appears sixteenth in the full list of rides which exist in the game, Theme Park.This ride is featured in the opening trailer of the game.

Description Edit

The Plane Flyer is an inexpensive ride for the nuclear family. Not to wild, why just last week my granny went for a spin.

Differences Edit

The Plane flyer differs slightly from platform to platform. On the PC version, the planes go around the sun, which rotates anticlockwise. On the Playstation version, the planes go around the sun, but the sun does not spin around. On the Nintendo DS version, it's the same as the PC version. In the USA level, the Plane Flyer is converted into a New York ride called Empire State Flyer. The Empire State Flyer has bi-planes that go anticlockwise around the Empire State Building in New York City.