A Ride from Theme Park
Theme park Merry-Go-Around
Excitement Bad
Reliability Poor
Capacity 4
Cost 6000
Previous Rubber tubing
Next Planet Rocket

The Merry Go Around is a Theme Park Ride which appears sixth on the full list of rides and , along with Tree House, Bouncy Castle and Ghost House, is one of the rides you have when you first start off your park.

In game description Edit

The Merry Go Around is a sturdy bargin. Ideal for passing time while you wait for bigger fish.

Differences Edit

The Merry-Go-Around has a slightly different appearance on different platforms. On the PC version, the teacups are at 90-degree angles. On the Playstation version, they are in slightly different places and on the DS version, they are at 90-degree angles like on the PC version but in the Brazil level, the Merry-Go-Round is converted into a carnival ride called Rio Carnavale. On the Rio Carnavale ride, the teacups are football-liveried and a female dancer is in the middle and there's a sign saying "Carniv Cup"